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The power of God transcends all borders

Spreading the word of God throughout the world is one of our many goals. Learn more about how you can get involved by looking at our list of international Missions below.

Barnabas International

  Alan and Judy Steier



• Rick and Debbie Bardin (NAB Cameroon)

  Paul and Tanya Gericke (NAB Romania)

 Elsie Lewdandowski (NAB in Cameroon)

 Dennis and  Nancy Palmer (NAB in Cameroon)

 Paul and Melissa Ewing (NAB in Japan)

 Shan Reed (NAB in Japan)

   Ron and Jeannie Seck (NAB Hungary)

• Kristi TenClay (NAB in Cameroon)

  Jim & Lisa Black (NAB Affiliated Missionaries with Converge Mission Africa)

  Brandon & Marci Jones (NAB Appointees to Brazil)


Uganda Mission

 Debbie Guimon

List of international Missions

Get involved in an international Mission


We strive to demonstrate exemplary living the name of God.

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